Zero Point Fashion

Zero Point Fashion started operation as a textile and knitting solution provider in Bangladesh. With concerted hard work and efficient business skills. Our human resources are rich experienced in the field of garments & textile trade over the last fifteen years. Zero Point fashion has been thoughtfully leveraged into forming the garments & textile indenting business. We care about QUALITY foremost and offering our best PRODUCTS with reasonable PRICE. we committed to believe in “Service first” based on “The strength of experience.”

Our Vision

  • Quality assurance is the first priority of our products. We believe quality is the result of high intention.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to lead the market, in RMG sector from Bangladesh to our customers around the globe.

Our Philosophy

  • Market-leading approach through quality products with experienced and dedicated team.
"Zero Point Fashion’s process is seamless, requiring no attention from us until goods arrive at our receiving department."
Adeeb Hamza

Our Product Samples

Some of our exclusive products snapshot